5 All-White Kitchens Ideas You Should Incorporate Today

White kitchens have always been on-trend. More than 50 percent of the kitchens are all-white or incorporates shades of whites. Honestly, the simplicity and purity offered by white make any space look comforting. 

Even after the invention of new materials and design styles, people enjoy having white kitchens in your homes. So, if you are on a lookout for new kitchen designs, these designs ideas will make you gravitate to the most beautiful trend of all-white kitchens (but with a modern twist!)

1. Have Fun with Backsplash

Backsplash can be designed in a ton of different ways. You can opt for mosaics or porcelain pop tiles to exaggerate the kitchen design. Having an interesting backsplash can help you break the monotony inside the room. 


2. Include Plants in the Décor

Plants are a great way to add a pinch of colour in the room. Be it fresh hanging pots or dried leaves. Plants bring a breath of fresh air to space and can make it look more lively.

Include plants and decor

3. Opt for a Different Finish

Who said an all-white kitchen cannot have interesting textures? Rustic white wood looks good in every space! You can also include other finishes in white to bring more character to the room.

Different Finish 2

4. Go Overboard with the Floor

Floors are fairly underrated! But you totally ditch the common flooring and go gaga with patterned tiles. Be it Turkish mosaics or colouful clay tiles. An all-white kitchen with an extravagant floor looks ravishing!

Overboard with the floor 2

5. Add Interesting Furniture Pieces 

If the colour is your limitation, you can have fun with cool fitments. From farmhouse style stools to sassy light pendants, there are a ton of ways to spruce up a monochrome interior using interesting pieces of furniture. 

Add Furniture

If you are in love with all-white style just like the rest of the world, try these easy tips to avoid your kitchen from looking dull and drab!

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