5 Small Home Office Design Tips

With a growing trend of work-from-home culture, it is very important to have a dedicated home office. When you have a decently put up space, it motivates you to work more efficiently.

So, if you are new to working from home business and looking for inspiring ideas to decorate a small office for yourself, here are some stunning examples!

1. Select a Comfortable Table and Chair

Comfortable Table and Chair

You will be spending most of your time in front of the laptop screen, therefore, it is advised to have a cosy seat. Investing in a chair that provides backrest with a soft cushion will help you avoid body aches and unnecessary pains.

2. Accessories It Well

Accessories It Well

Having a cohesive space keeps you inspired and motivated throughout the day. Just like your office desk, decorate your table using lamps and stationary to help you keep up the spirits!

3. Make a Vision Board

Vision Board

Most of the office cubicles have pinboards to stick notes and sheets. Mimic your actual office and create a vision board to help you stick to the deadlines. You don’t need a separate corkboard, instead, just use the wall in front of the table to put up inspirational quotes and family pictures.

4. Use Quirky Lights

Quirky Lights

Who said your home office has to be mundane and boring? Go crazy with lighting and create your personal sanctuary. Your home office should be a glimpse of your personality!

And specially if you are a creative person who likes to work at night, opting for colourful LED strips or fairy lights can help you spruce up space!

5. Natural Light and Fresh Air

Natural Light and Fresh Air

Bring in all the sunlight and air into the room to increase your productivity. Working from home can be lousy. Facing a window can help you in staying active and thoughtful all day.

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