A Complete Guide to Beautifully Decorate the Windows

Windows are one of the most stunning features of a house. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they are functional too! It is due to the windows that there is a continuous inflow of fresh air and sunlight.

But it is very important to provide a perfect window treatment in order to utilize these architectural elements the best. And selecting the right curtains depends a lot on the location of windows, the orientation of the room, and interior design style. Most of the people tend to wrongly cover the windows, thus, missing on a golden opportunity. To avoid some of the biggest blunders, follow these tips and tricks.

1. Cover the Windows from the Ceiling

Having longer curtains makes the room visually bigger. Even if you have a small room, placing curtain rods near the ceiling will make it appear more spacious and open. Also, use the curtains till the floor instead of window sill height to get a finished look.  

Windows from ceiling 2

2. Go for Sheers

When in doubt, always go for light, breezy curtains. Sheer curtains allow the maximum inflow of light and air.


3. Don’t Go Overboard

Valence looks great in traditional and Victorian interiors only. Opting for heavy curtains will not only obstruct light but also makes the room claustrophobic. Always try to avoid extravagant curtains and elaborate drapery in modern homes.

Overboard 2

4. Flaunt the Interiors

Curtains are a great way to introduce pattern and texture to the room. The curtains should cohesively bring the room together. You can either go for matching colours or totally contrasting colours to add an element of interest.

Flaunt Interior 2

5. Blinds and Shutter

To obstruct sunlight and noise, the best solution is to use shutters and blinds. There are a ton of variations available in shutter materials from PVC to bamboo. Alternatively, you can opt for blackout curtains to restrict bright light. These come very handy in bedrooms.

If you are planning on doing a makeover to your house, make sure to use these tips before buying the right set of curtains.

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