6 Best Interior Design Documentaries

Since time unknown, nature has been a great source of inspiration for artists, but in the modern world, the vision has expanded drastically!

There are plenty of ways to get educated, informed, and inspired online. One of the most trending ways to learn is by watching documentaries.

So, if you are on a lookout for great artists and how their grey cells work, watch these amazing documentaries, and get a deeper insight into the design world.

1. Abstract: The Art of Design

This Netflix series is all about architecture and design. Imagine you could enter the minds of design geniuses like Olafur Eliasson, Cas Holman, and Ruth Carter! This documentary is all about stellar artists and how they perceive design. 

2. Eames: The Architect & The Painter

Charles Ray Eames has been a pioneer of molded plywood furniture and his designs have inspired millions all around the world. This documentary will give you an insight into how he created the extraordinary pieces. 

3. Le Corbusier – Documentary

Le Corbusier has been one of the most influential designers who has revolutionized the design world. His documentary provides a sneak peek at his life and works and what motivated him to design stunning structures. 

4. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes 

This show provides an overview of some of the most exemplary houses all across the world. It is all about culture, tradition, and how the design language changes in different countries.  

5. Objectified 

This feature-length documentary is all about mundane objects that we see and what process goes behind designing them. The complexity and beauty of the stories related to each product will mesmerize you completely! 

6. Urbanized 

This documentary features some of the most influential strategists, architects, and policymakers and how their designs affect millions of lives all across the world. It covers the most important roots of urban design and its future. 

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