Choosing External Doors – A Short Guide

External doors are like the first impressions that your house makes, so should always be worth it! Along with being good looking, the external doors also go through rough outdoors.

The weather, temperature, and moisture can be terrible for the door; hence, it is essential to install the main door that can handle extreme conditions and still look great.

Here are some of the durable and practical options for main doors that you should absolutely consider getting in your house –

1. Wood

wooden front door

Wooden doors are really popular because they are versatile and can be customized to different shapes, and sizes according to the requirements.

Over time, however, wooden doors tend to warp and chip due to external factors. So be prepared to replace or change your wooden doors more often than those made of steel or fiberglass.

2. Metal

metal front door

Metal doorways look rustic and vintage. They are potentially the safest option against weather and external agents.

Steel doors are strong, durable, and more affordable than wooden doors. Due to their unmatchable insulation properties, steel doors are energy-efficient and can help you save hefty energy bills.

3. Fiberglass

This new material has completely revolutionized the look of external doorways. Fiberglass is sturdy and durable. They come in a plethora of different colors, designs, and patterns that can be customized according to your interiors.

You can practically paint it to achieve any style or look. These have an insulated core which helps in maintaining the energy levels inside.

4. Glass

glass front door

Solid glass doors look elegant and magnificent. They bring in natural light which makes brightens up the dead spaces.

Privacy is always a key concern with glass doors. The door treatment should always be provident to safeguard the interiors and to restrict the flow of sunlight when required.


These were the most common external doors available in the market. You can also merge two of your favorite materials to create a beautiful entrance. Always remember to make a stunning impression with the main door!

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