How to Contact SKLUM Customer Service?

SKLUM is an international, online furniture store. It was founded by a group of friends who are passionate about nature, art, and the beautiful furniture they can offer your home.

Their main mission was to reinvent classic designs from the creations of 20th-century artists with a balance between industrial processes and traditional techniques. SKLUM designs and creates a varied product catalog, from living room sofas to shower curtains.

SKLUM also keeps the environment in mind when selecting raw materials. They aim to choose sustainable resources such as iron, which is highly recyclable, and sustainably-produced wood.

How to Reach SKLUM?

SKLUM Customer Service – Website

SKLUM offers chat support on its website – Just click on the chat icon on the bottom-right side.

It is also recommended to check the FAQ pages, which offers useful information for SKLUM customers.

SKLUM Customer Service – Phone

SKLUM provides customer service in a variety of languages and countries:

Check the site for their working hours and they won’t hesitate to help you with any concerns or questions you might have.

SKLUM Customer Service – Social Media

SKLUM operates a Facebook page, where they regularly post about everything from product launches to updates to holiday discounts.

Don’t have Facebook? SKLUM has an Instagram account where they often upload reels giving tips on how to style their furniture.

SKLUM, unlike most online stores, also has an actice Pinterest account with millions of monthly views.

Tips for Getting a Fast and Efficient Response From SKLUM Customer Service

As a customer, what matters most is how quickly you can reach a company’s customer service. In addition, how efficient they’re going to be at their jobs.

Here are our tips on how to get fast and efficient responses from SKLUM:

  1. The guaranteed way to reach an agent that’ll help you is through SKULM’s international number.
  2. SKULM makes it a point to check reviews left on sites and respond to every customer. If there’s a problem, the SKULM team should refer it to the customer’s respective department.
  3. Help them help you. Remember to keep your order reference number.  This will help when you need to officially open a claim through your SKLUM account.

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  1. I sent Sklum a message on Instagram asking about the maximum user capacity for a number of their chairs. I want to place an order but can’t without that information which is not given under the product information. Are they interested in selling their products??? Nobody has relied with answers to my query. No email address for queries listed or a means to contact they with a general query under their customer contact tab online. Cant see any chat icon on the Sklum Ireland website either. Most frustrating when companies make it so difficult to contact them & don’t provide phone & email/message options to customers. Cant send a message on Facebook either


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