Dunelm Customer Service Contact Details

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of contacting Dunelm’s customer service, let’s have a quick overview of the company.

Dunelm is a UK-based home furnishing retailer. It’s both one of the biggest and oldest furnishing companies in the entire kingdom. It’s been around since 1979, starting with a small stall in Leicester.

The first real store opened in 1984, in Churchgate, Leicester and they continued to expand from there.

Dunelm has over 50,000 products to their name, from beddings, curtains, and rugs to accessories, lighting, and more. These products come at different prices. So, you can get affordable products if you’re on a budget and expensive ones if you have extra money to spare.

With 175 stores around the UK, Dunelm has established its name in the furnishing market.

How to Contact Dunelm Customer Service

As with any other company, there are a lot of ways to contact Dunelm. Now, let’s see all the available options for you to get a hold of their customer service agents.

Dunelm Customer Service – Phone

You’re more likely to get an answer from Dunelm if you call them directly on 0345 165 6565.

Dunelm Customer Service – Email

Whatever it is you want to contact Dunelm for, you can always use their email address for inquiries: [email protected].

Dunelm Customer Service – Contact Form

To find Dunelm’s contact form, go to their official website and press “Contact Us” under their customer service section.

You can use that form to ask for information about certain products or payment methods, cancel orders, and more. With each category you choose from the form, you’ll get several subcategories to make your entry more accurate.

Dunelm Customer Service – Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll see that Dunelm is on all the popular social media platforms.

You can try using these accounts to contact Dunelm, in case all other channels did not provide you with the needed solution.

Dunelm Customer Service – Address

Dunelm Direct,
Green Street,
M26 3ED

How to Get Fast Responses From Dunelm’s Customer Service?

Now that you know how to contact Dunelm, let’s discuss how you can get fast responses from their customer service agents.

Concise Emails

Make sure that the length of your email is appropriate.

If the email is too long, the support agents may simply not read it. If it’s too short, you may not be able to communicate what you want properly, decreasing the possibility of them responding.


Dealing with customer service agents can be frustrating. But remember, they’re people with feelings, too. Always keep a pleasant tone while you’re on the phone with them to get the help you need as fast as possible.


Whether you’re going to call or message customer service agents, make sure you’re doing it at the right time. Try to contact them early in the day; 9:30 am shoul be good enough. Any later, and you might risk calling them at a rush hour. We all know what that’s like.

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