How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service – All the Details

AliExpress is an e-commerce website based in China, owned by the Alibaba Group.

AliExpress enables small businesses in China and Singapore to sell their products to customers around the world through its highly popular platform.

To understand how AliExpress works, it’s helpful to compare it to two other major online retailers. eBay connects online sellers with online buyers, while Amazon also offers products produced or sold by Amazon itself. With these comparisons in mind, AliExpress is more like eBay than Amazon, especially since AliExpress does not directly sell any products to consumers.

Both businesses and individuals can use AliExpress to sell products. However, the majority of sellers on AliExpress are based in China and the majority of consumers are based outside of China. In Russia, AliExpress is the largest online retailer used by consumers. Around the world, AliExpress is often used to get inexpensive items manufactured by Chinese companies.

Retailers on AliExpress sell clothing, electronics, jewelry, accessories, toys, household items, and more.

How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service

You can contact AliExpress customer support in a number of ways:

AliExpress Customer Service – Phone

AliExpress does not have a published phone number for customer support. However, customers can use WhatsApp to chat and call customer support – using this link.

AliExpress Customer Service – Online Chat

AliExpress operates an online, 24/7 chat available for customers to talk with a customer service representative – click here.

However, you must be logged into your account to use the online chat.

AliExpress Customer Service – Social Media

AliExpress uses Facebook to advertise products on their site. However, they typically don’t respond to customer complaints in the comments –

AliExpress also has an Instagram page, although they do not typically answer customer concerns through the comments.

AliExpress Customer Service – Feedback Form

If you have feedback to help AliExpress improve their services, you can contact them through their customer satisfaction survey form.

Tips for Getting a Fast Response from AliExpress

AliExpress doesn’t have a great track record for speedy customer support. Although they have many places for customers to contact them, customers can sometimes struggle to get a response.

If you need to get a response from AliExpress, your best option is to enter their 24/7 online chat to talk with a customer service representative. Make sure you have your account information, purchase details, and other information readily available so they can assist you.

Like many sites, AliExpress has an extensive help section, with a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. The bulk of their answers are about communication with sellers. Note that the difference in time zones means most sellers will take a while to respond.

In conclusion – your best course of action to get a response from AliExpress is to use their online chat. If problems persist, use the WhatsApp contact information to chat or call their customer support team.

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