How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Amazon is one of the world’s leading online retailers. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 as an online book retailer, it has since grown to become a multinational company selling almost everything – electronics, video games, software, clothing, food, furniture, toys, cloud computing, streaming, smart devices and more.

Today, Amazon is one of the “Big Five” companies, among other technology giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

In 2017, Amazon purchased Whole Foods Market for $13.4 billion. Amazon also owns Zoox, Ring, Twitch, and IMDb.

Amazon offers a wide variety of downloadable and streaming content including Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Audible and produces electronics like Kindle e-readers, Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Echo home devices.

Amazon offers a paid subscription service called Amazon Prime, which now has over 100 million subscribers around the world. Amazon Prime members get access to streaming and downloadable content, as well as free two-day shipping on eligible purchases.

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

If you run into issues or have questions, Amazon’s customer support can be contacted in a number of ways.

Contact Amazon Customer Service – Phone

Amazon doesn’t publish their customer support phone number, but you can enter information about your problem on this contact form to get a phone call from customer support.

Contact Amazon Customer Service – Online Chat

Amazon uses a bot to help you work through issues on its online chat. If their bot is unable to point you to the right resources, they should connect you to a live customer support person.

Contact Amazon Customer Service – Social Media

On Twitter, Amazon has a designated profile for helping customers – Users can Tweet questions in a number of languages and receive answers from Amazon customer support.

On Facebook, Amazon’s Facebook profile – sometimes answers customer questions. However, many of their responses involve contact information to reach out to their customer support.

Tips for Getting a Fast Response from Amazon

The best way to get a fast response from Amazon’s customer support is through either their online chat or by requesting a call from customer support.

In many cases, issues can be resolved through their chat bot’s assistance, and since the bot responds almost instantly, you’ll get the information you need quickly.

However, sometimes the bot can’t help with specific problems. When this is the case, you’ll be forwarded to a live customer support person.

If you want to shortcut the chat process, you can request a call from Amazon’s customer support. According to their website, customer support calls are completed immediately. Since they will call you when they’re ready to answer questions, you won’t have to be on the line waiting.

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