How to Contact Argos Customer Service

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information necessary to contact Argos customer service fast and efficiently.

About Argos

Argos is a British catalogue retailer operating in both the United Kingdom and Ireland while being franchised in some other counties, such as China.

The company was established as “Argos” by Richard Tompkins in November 1972 after rebranding his company “Green Shield Stamps” following a brief holiday in the Greek city of the same name.

In 2016, Argos was acquired by Sainsbury Supermarket Chain and currently has its headquarters in Milton Keynes, England.

Although the company started as a physical shop for goods, it also offers its services online and has billions of visits per year.

To add to Argos’ vast shopping experience, the company also allows for a wide range of methods to pay, including credit cards, PayPal, store credit, gift and loyalty cards, such as Nectar, Love2shop, American Express, One4All, and Christmas Club.

All of these methods are applicable both online and in physical stores, except for PayPal, which is only accepted online.

How to Contact Argos Customer Service

Here are some of the methods to contact Argos customer services:

1. Contact Argos Customer Service Through Phone

The first and most reliable method to reach customer service quickly is to dial their number (0345 640 2020) and follow the instructions to reach a customer service agent.

The phone line is available every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm GMT.

2. Contact Argos Customer Service Through Physical Stores

You can find customer service sections in nearly all Argos stores, use the “Store Locator” feature on Argos’ website to find the nearest one to you.

3. Contact Argos Customer Service Through Website Chat

After navigating to Argos’ website and clicking the “contact us” tab, click on the box that reads “Chat Now” in the Chat with us section. This will prompt an automatic reply from Argos virtual assistant that requests details to help you with your issue.

4. Contact Argos Customer Service Through Social Media Accounts

You can contact Argos through Social media accounts via Facebook Messenger (click here) or through Twitter (click here)

5. Contact Argos Customer Service Through Mail

While Argos doesn’t offer a dedicated email address for contacting customer services, you can still write to them using conventional mail.

After composing your letter, make sure that you write the right address on the back of the envelope, which is:

Argos Limited
Royal Avenue

6. Contact Argos Customer Service Through SignVideo

For deaf customers, Argos also has a SignVideo service, which uses the British Sign Language for communication through a video call.

Here’s a link that will connect you directly to the SignVideo server in order to contact Argos customer service.

A Few Tips to Get a Quick Response from Argos Customer Service

  • Argos’ fastest form of help is through their phone line.
  • If you’ve bought something from their physical stores, the most reliable method would be revisiting the store.
  • Make sure that you specify your problem in clear detail and present the order number to speed things up.

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