How to Contact Overstock Customer Service

Overstock is an online retailer started in the United States by Patrick M. Byrne. Byrne started the company in 1999 and the company originally sold surplus and returned items through their online marketplace. They offered these items at low prices, often below the wholesale value.

Today, Overstock sells furniture, bedding, home décor, and other closeout items. They’ve branched into selling new merchandise, as well.

The company has grown over the years. They had their first billion-dollar year in 2010 and the company continues to grow. Some of their merchandise is created specifically for sale on their site. From 2004 to 2011 they offered online auctions on their website, although this part of their site has been retired.

Overstock began developing software in 2014 that would allow them to sell corporate stock online without using the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. Their “Digital Voting Series A-1 Preferred Stock” uses blockchain technology to provide an alternative to traditional stock shares. They announced that investors could exchange ten of their traditional stocks for one of their preferred stock shares.

Customers can buy a variety of products on Overstock’s website. Although the online retailer still offers great deals, including frequent sales, they no longer sell things at prices below wholesale value. For $19.95 a year, customers can join a loyalty program that gives them 5% rewards on each purchase and free returns. Members also gain access to a special extra rewards store where they can get up to 40% back in rewards.

How to Contact Overstock Customer Service

If you need to talk to Overstock customer care, they have a couple of ways for you to reach out:

Contact Overstock Customer Service – Phone

Customer care representatives are available to help customers at 1-800-843-2446.

Contact Overstock Customer Service – Text

Customers can text customer support at 1-385-257-9241.

Contact Overstock Customer Service – Online Chat

Overstock offers an online customer chat, which can be found on this link.

Contact Overstock Customer Service – Email

You can reach out to Overstock’s customer service at [email protected].

Contact Overstock Customer Service – Social Media

Overstock has a Twitter profile (, although they do not usually respond to customer Tweets. The same is true for their Instagram profile (, where they post content but do not reply to comments.

Their social media managers do respond to comments on Facebook (, although most of the comments are an invitation to contact Overstock’s customer support through email.

Tips for Getting a Fast Response from Overstock

If you want to get a fast response from Overstock’s customer service, skip their social media profiles. Although commenters get responses on their Facebook profile, the comments typically refer the person to a customer support email address.

The fastest way to get a response from Overstock is through their online chat or customer service phone number. These two options allow you to talk with a customer service representative and get assistance faster than other methods.

If your need isn’t urgent, their texting number and email are great options. These channels are monitored and customers can expect a response, although it won’t be as fast as phone calls and live chat.

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