How to Incorporate Art in Interiors

Art speaks a lot about your personality. The moment people enter a living room, most of the time it is the painting that draws their attention. Also, artworks are a great way to bring together space cohesively.

But nothing itches more than a wrongly placed art piece. How many times have you entered a room and got mentally disturbed after seeing an oddly placed picture in the room? Well, it can certainly be avoided if you follow these simple ways of placing an art.

1. Look for Unconventional Places for Hanging Art 

Putting up a painting on the wall is cliché, you can try using different spaces to bring out the artwork. For instance, picture frames kept on the ground look modern and chic.

You can place abstract paintings in the bathroom, where people least expect to see a painting. 

Hanging Art 2

2. Pick the Right Frames 

Selecting the correct frame is as important as artwork. It can totally bring the space together or can kill the aesthetics! Depending on the picture and your interior design style, go for the right frames that flaunt the room.

Right Frames

3. Go Crazy With the Style and Colours

Artworks are a great way to introduce fun and vibrant colours to the room. Explore the world of art and pick eclectic designs to create a wow-effect in your living room.

Style and Color

4. Place the Art Correctly

As a rule of thumb, always hang the artwork at the centre of the sofa or credenza. And the middle of the painting should always be at the eye level of the viewer.

Place the art correctly

5. Create a Feature Wall

If you are an art connoisseur, this is your time to show off all the collectibles. Bring out all your memorabilia and hang them on a wall. Make a mixed bag of unusual paintings, wall sculptures, and unframed pictures to have a quirky wall.

Feature wall 2

Be experimental and explorative! Try different art forms and proudly show them off on the wall to make your guests drool!

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