7 Interior Design Rules You Should Follow

Interior design is an intrinsic art of curating the space to make it look more aesthetic and functional. However, there are a ton of things to be taken care of and it is easy to get carried away in the complications of design.

Here are 7 basic rules that you should follow to make your space look fancy and flawless. 

1. Mix the Textures

Most houses tend to shuffle only between a couple of textures and ends up looking dull and drab. The key to achieving a rich look in interior design is by using a wide mix of textures like silk, velvet, jute, rattan, and so on. 

House Method
Picture Courtesy – House Method

2. Jumble Up Shapes

Modern homes are dominated by rectangles and have a boxy look. Therefore, it is important to introduce various shapes like curves, organic patterns, hexagons, stripes, and circles to get a cohesive look. 

Adrion Olichon
Picture Courtesy – Adrion Olichon

3. Play with Lighting

Lighting plays a very crucial role in defining the beauty of a space. Make sure you allow natural bright light to come inside your room.

When it comes to artificial lights, use a good mixture of ambient, task, and decorative lights to enhance the ambiance of the house. 

Picture Courtesy – Keytion

4. Anchor the Room

When executing the design of a room, it is very important to set an anchor point that brings the space together.

Most of the designers use area rugs and carpets as a base to set up for the living room. This anchor point should be the translation of the interior design theme in one space. 

Picture Courtesy – Pixabay

5. Size Matters

Size and scale are an integral part of designing space. A loveseat in a spacious living room might get dwarfed while a small room with a huge sofa might end up making the space claustrophobic. 

Wes Hicks
Picture Courtesy – Wes Hicks

6. Honour the Negative Spaces

It is not mandatory to decorate every nook and corner of the room. Create a beautiful symphony in space using negative spaces with absent or muted colors to embrace the look of the room. 

Trend Uh
Picture Courtesy – Trend Uh

7. Create a WOW effect

As a thumb rule, every room should have one feature wall, painting, or furniture that instantly grabs the attention of the viewers. 

Picture Courtesy – Piqsels

These were some really useful interior design rules that will help you to build a harmonious design. 

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