7 Interior Design Tips for Airbnb Rentals

Vacation rentals have gained immense popularity in the last few years. The most important factor to be considered while designing a rental space is aesthetics, with a pinch of comfort.

Travelers crave a space which feels home-like but with modern, hotel vibes. A mixture of both can be easily achieved using these tips and tricks.

1. Comforts are Crucial

When it comes to comforts, it is essential to use soft furnishings and creative textures. Having throw pillows and cute area rugs can totally change your design game.

bedroom airbnb
Picture Courtesy – Sidekix Media

2. Make it Instagram-worthy

Travelers love to take pictures so make it a fun ride for them. Introduce chic corners with home décor pieces and decked up nooks which can make any picture look amazing!

airbnb Erick Palacio
Picture Courtesy – Erick Palacio

3. Go Bold

While residential interiors tend to be too subdued in most of the cases, but while designing vacation rentals you can easily create bold looks and sassy interiors to give a seamless experience to your guests.

airbnb Venice hotels
Picture Courtesy – Venice hotels

4. Be a Good Host

Pay attention to the details and curate personal spaces for your guests. Adding pictures, personal collectibles, and your personal itinerary for them can make a huge difference which in turn will fetch you higher ratings.

airbnb Filios Sazeides
Picture Courtesy – Filios Sazeides

5. Include Local Crafts in Your Décor

The best way to design your Airbnb rental is by using a lot of local handicrafts and décor pieces to lure the guests.

You can include native experiences and traditional pieces to help them live the true culture of the city or country.

airbnb Mike Marquez
Picture Courtesy – Mike Marquez

6. Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Having a good sanitary arrangement can enhance your guest’s stay. Add a soft and absorbing towel in accent colours to the bathroom.

Include few basic toiletries that they might need, as these small gestures make a lot of difference.

airbnb Andrea Davis
Picture Courtesy – Andrea Davis

7. Arrange an Outdoor Seating

People love to spend time outdoors and enjoy the city view. Create a small coffee nook for your guests so they can appreciate the priceless view with a delicious cup of coffee.

airbnb Sonnie Hiles
Picture Courtesy – Sonnie Hiles


Just following these easy hacks can completely transform your space and the experience it will provide to the travellers!

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