Minimalist Interior Design – A Short Guide

Minimalism has taken over the world by a storm. Modern interior design is all about minimalism that follows ‘less is more’.

In today’s circumstances when it has become really easy to delve into negativity and anxiety, minimalism helps us to create a peaceful sanctuary for ourselves that will bring calmness inside us. 

So, here is a brief guide about minimalism and how to achieve tranquillity in your humble abode. 

Embrace the Cleanliness

Minimalism is all about getting rid of unnecessary stuff and to enjoy fewer items. The first step to create a minimal look is by discarding everything that is useless and junk. 

cleanliness Minh Pham
Picture Courtesy – Minh Pham

Let the Light Fall Inside

The core base of minimalism is based on the concept of using natural materials and light. Bright sunlight plays an important role in minimalistic interiors. Therefore, install massive windows in your house and stay away from heavy, blackout curtains.

light Spencer
Picture Courtesy – Spencer

Subtle Hues and Shades

The colour scheme used by minimalistic interiors is dominated by halftones and muted shades. You will see the majority of spaces use of white, beige, and grey. 

shade iwood
Picture Courtesy – iwood

Materials Matter

Materials are an inevitable part of interior design. Having a plethora of materials with unique finishes is very important to achieve a well-designed space.

In minimalistic interiors, the most widely used materials are glass, plastic, chrome steel, textured wood, bare concrete, and stones. 

material Kam Idris
Picture Courtesy – Kam Idris

Open Space Plan

Minimalism prohibits the use of clogged up spaces and jarred rooms. Hence, an open plan works the best for minimal interior design. Introduce light elements all around and have a flowy layout to utilize every space.

Staying away from partition walls would be your best call while designing a minimalistic space. 

open space Hutomo Abrianto
Picture Courtesy – Hutomo Abrianto

Furniture Forms 

Punctuate your interior with simple geometric shapes to achieve a seamless minimalism look. Most of the furniture items that are used in such kind of interiors have a clean shape, thick lines, and few design elements.

You can introduce bendy furniture pieces to create an interesting look but refrain from using spirals and heavy curves. 

furniture Hutomo Abrianto
Picture Courtesy – Hutomo Abrianto

Minimalism is not just restricted to interior design style but it is a way of life! Trying these few tips will help you attain peace in your décor and your life both. 

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