Nuroa Customer Service Contact Information

Nuroa is a global vertical real estate search engine. Founded in 2006 in Barcelona, the company expanded globally in 2009, reaching 15 countries worldwide. It is available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and English.

The search engine pulls millions of listings from dozens of real estate portals. The listings cover apartments and houses for sales and rent. It reduces the complexity of real estate searches for consolidating all available listings in one place.

In 2016, Nuroa was acquired by the Mitula Group, becoming part of a network of more than 170 websites in 45 countries and 18 languages.

How to contact Nuroa Customer Support

Nuroa should not be confused with the listings themselves. Nuroa gathers the listings but does manage them. Rather, the listings are found and managed on other real estate sites across the internet.

Because Nuroa is not responsible for the property ads, they do not handle queries or questions about them. Instead, the publishers of the ads must be your point of contact.

To contact Nuroa about email alerts, you can contact: [email protected]. For professionals wishing to contact Nuroa, use this Mitula Group contact form. (Please note it is specific to professionals; customer enquiries may not receive a response).

No customer service phone number or email address were published.

Finally, Nuroa does not maintain a significant social media presence. You can try contacting Nuroa on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

Tips for Getting a Fast and Efficient Response

Due to the nature of Nuroa’s business, contacting Nuroa isn’t as simple as for other companies. While they maintain an email address, the best means of contacting the business is likely via social media.

Here are some tips to help:

  • Ensure your query is relevant. Suppose you’re contacting Nuroa about property-related matters. In that case, you may not get a response or will get redirected to the property provider. Remember, Nuroa is a search engine and is not responsible for the properties it displays.
  • Use social media. Using social media, particularly Twitter, means your query is likely to be more public than other avenues. Companies typically respond more promptly when potential customers are watching.
  • Be precise. Clearly describe your problem and what you wish to happen. The more information you can provide, the more likely Nuroa can help with a solution. By being clear and direct, you remove any confusion.

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