A Practical Interior Design Guide

Interior designing can be a challenging task if not done methodically. Most people start their projects with great enthusiasm but end up making a complete mess and then get professional help which costs a chunk of money.

If you are a beginner and want to design a practical space, this is an ultimate guide that will help you achieve an aesthetic, attractive, and alluring space.

Why do you want to design?

The first step behind every activity remains the same, why do you want to redesign or decorate your space. This is important for you to find out your pain points and to realize why did you start the process in the first space.

Now is the time that you want to list down all the amendments that you need. 

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Prepare an inspiration board

Without having an idea of your goal, it is hard to chalk down an effective work plan. Spend time on Google, Pinterest, and other websites online to figure out what look you want to achieve. Your inspiration doesn’t have to be an existing building or apartment.

It could be as little as a dress, a brand, a country you travelled to, or a season that you love. 

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Where do you want to bring about the changes?

It is very easy for beginners to get distracted or overwhelmed by the design work. So, before starting the actual design process, define yourself scope of work.

Write down all the rooms in your house and what features do you want to change. This is a good time to revisit all the existing furniture and see if something needs repair or replacement. 

Define the Interior Style

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Once you have clearly prepared your base, you should start working on the design plan. Start out by browsing through favourite looks and see what catches your attention.

Study and understand the various interior design styles like contemporary, traditional, Asian, modern farmhouse, minimal, art deco inspired, and so on. 

Before finalizing any design, make sure it is parallel to the needs of your family. Good interior design is not just about aesthetics but also its functionality, budget, usability, and eco-friendliness. Enlist all your requirements and check what design style works the best for your needs.

Do not forget to consider the architecture of your house. For example, it is difficult to achieve a minimal décor with heavily arched Victorian windows, opting for art deco style, however, would complement the beautiful architecture and enhance your design. 

Furniture Selection 

After you have defined your design style precisely, it is time to get it into life. Select the furniture pieces that you want to obtain and analyse the best way to get them.

Sometimes it is better to get your fitments custom made while other stuff can be bought. The internet has made lives easier for all of us. 

You can now order your favourite furniture pieces from all across the world to decorate your house. Get in touch with local vendors to see if your designs can be made and if it’s under your budget. 

Accessories are an integral part of interior design and hold the capability to change the look of the entire space single-handedly. Introduce the right accessories to the space that goes with your design style.

Make sure you add your personal touch to space by adding memorabilia from travels, family pictures, or DIY home projects. 

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Light it Shine 

Lighting is the best finishing touch you can add to any project. Even if you think your house is lighted properly, you should consider replacing the old and cranky bulbs.

Include task lights as table lamps and study lamps to accentuate the space. To beautify the décor further, use decorative light pendants to get an enchanting look! 

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Picture Courtesy – Pixabay

Follow these basic steps and your interior design journey would be seamlessly stunning. Go around and fun with your interiors!

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