5 Practical Space Saving Interior Design Ideas

With ever-increasing property prices, space has become a luxury. Therefore, it is important to not let go of even an inch of the space.

Industry creatives are continuously coming up with smart ways of designing furniture to optimise every nook while not compromising the aesthetics. So here are a few amazing and practical tips that you should adopt to save space in your house. 

1. Create an illusion of a bigger space

Luckily, there are a bunch of ways that can make your crunched apartment look a little bigger than it actually is. The best hack here is to use a mirror to create an illusion of a spacious room. 

illusion Aw Creative
Picture Courtesy – Aw Creative

2. Maximize the floor area

With a reduced carpet area, working on an efficient floor plan becomes daunting. Hence, use smart layouts so you can save every bit of the space.

Don’t let the corners go to waste, you can do so by using angled fitments and storage solutions.

Space below staircases are often under-utilized too, coming up with an organized desk space or collective drawers can help you use it to the full potential. 

maximize Tin Nguyen
Picture Courtesy – Tin Nguyen

3. Be resourceful with furniture

Today, there is a myriad of modular furniture pieces available in the market that helps in saving a lot of space. Use sectional sofas, nesting coffee tables, and convertible wardrobes that double up as a desk to create effective working spaces. 

resourceful Jelena Mirkovic
Picture Courtesy – Jelena Mirkovic

4. Use the vertical spaces

A lot of times walls are used only to hang art pieces and small shelves. When dealing with small spaces it is crucial to include walls in the space plan to design a systematic home.

You can use wall-hung shelves, foldable beds, custom made openable wardrobes, hanging planters, wall-mounted side tables, and other well-designed furniture pieces to make the floor less busy.  

vertical Howie Mapson
Picture Courtesy – Howie Mapson

5. Organizational Pieces 

How much ever you try to reduce your household stuff there is always going to be an extra need for more storage area.

If you have a space crunch, it is mandatory to have clean spaces to avoid your house look like a complete mess! Use lots and lots of drawer organizers, closet hangers, at-the-back door storage, baskets, and other boxes so your house looks attractive as always.

pieces Annie Spratt
Picture Courtesy – Annie Spratt

These were some small and easy-to-do space-saving hacks that can transform your way of living completely. 

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