7 Highly Recommended Interior Design Books

Books shape the lives of people coherently. Since time unknown books have been a major source of inspiration and learning for the generation. Today, when the reading culture is going obsolete, it is important for us to stay rooted and gain knowledge from the original methodical ways. 

Interior books by design masters are of the best way to learn words of wisdom. Here is a list of few books that every designer must read while embarking on this journey of design. 

1. Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

This book is a true masterpiece when it comes to learning the art of home decoration. This fully illustrated beautiful book teaches us how design is a form of personal expression and self-discovery. 

2. Domino: The Book of Decorating

This indispensable style manual provides a room-by-room guide along with some great styling tips and designing secrets by premium tastemakers.  

3. Interior Design Master Class

The book collects knowledge and lessons from 100 America’s finest interior designers. It is one of the most recommended handbooks for every budding interior designer. 

4. The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book

This style manual preaches the most basic truths about interior design; how to approach space and in what ways to execute the design. 

5. Home Decor Cheat Sheets

With the help of informative illustrations, this book shows the timeless interior design rules and how to implement them in your designs. 

6. This is Home: The Art of Simple Living

Written by Natalie Walton, this book teaches the simplistic ways of designing a happy space that fits your needs and aesthetics. 

7. Branding Interior Design

In the modern world, branding and designing go hand-in-hand. It has become all about marketing and targeting well to your customers to prove your credibility. This book gives more lessons on how to ‘sell’ your brand better. 

Read these highly influential books and you will see a definitive change in your design thinking and process. 

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