7 Recommended Interior Design Podcasts

Podcasts have completely taken over the modern world. From spiritual to sports, there is a podcast for everything. And the design world is not left behind either.

So, if you are looking for some everyday design inspirations, here are some amazing podcasts that will give you a unique insight into the world. 

1. Design Matters

Design Matters was started in 2005 when barely anyone knew what is a podcast… It is a pioneer of design podcasts with over 200 episodes related to design and architecture.

2. Affordable Interior Design

Who doesn’t love some thrift store shopping and steal deals? Host Betsy Helmuth provides some great insights on how to decorate stunning interiors under a stringent budget. 

3. 99% Invisible

This is probably the most celebrated podcast of all time. Roman Mars uncovers great secrets about the existence of everyday things that you never knew. A legendary podcast you should definitely listen to.

4. The Chaise Lounge Podcast

If you like to be on vogue and get informed about all the latest trends and designs, this is a great podcast for you.

Host Nick May offers some helpful tips on how to style stellar interiors and make profits in the industry.

5. Interior Style Hunter

If you love expensive interiors and luxurious villas, this podcast will probably leave you stunned.

6. BAAM Podcast 

Hosted by Barry McKenzie and Andy Macpherson, this show will take you inside the world on interior design and architectural photography.

7. The Observatory

This podcast presents a blend of modern buildings and ancient structures, from history to the future. Everything that design is, was, and will be, is covered by the host designers Michel Bierut and Jessica Helfand. 


Delve into the goodness of these podcasts and they will provide a completely different insight into the design world.

They provide hours of insights, idea, tips, useful information and inspiration.

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