What Is Cottagecore And Why Is It So Popular?

The simplest way to describe the cottagecore style is to think of the countryside. It’s all about elements of nature and the romantic simplicity of living a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature. Cottagecore is basically the exact opposite of the loud, fast-paced hustle-bustle of city life.

This trend swept the interior design scene when everyone was forced to stay in their homes due to the pandemic. During those times, people wanted to go out into nature and seek the comfort and calm of the quiet countryside. This results in an aesthetic trend both in fashion, lifestyle, and home decor that evokes the romanticized style of nature.  

Cottagecore sprang from the desire of European aristocrats to live a simpler life in the countryside. Cottagecore’s popularity is now mostly fueled by online aesthetic culture. Many of the design components of cottagecore are influenced by societal factors. Floral designs, natural materials, and gardening are all seen in cottagecore and the pre-industrial homes that inspired the movement.

The cottagecore movement arose from an intention to ease one’s way of living and find contentment in life.

Mundane household chores became an inevitable reality as the COVID-19 epidemic reached its peak. Cottagecore became a means to avoid reality and escape into something pleasant, far away from the outer world, while the world was placed under lockdown. Cottagecore quickly established itself as the year’s most prominent aesthetic.

The style is so charming, dreamlike, and romantic that almost everyone instantly falls in love with it. Just the idea of being transported back in time somewhere in a peaceful cottage in the countryside is truly something that would capture your heart. Searches for cottagecore style, fashion, and aesthetics surged since the beginning of 2020 and still continue up to now.

With aesthetic videos trending on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s not a surprise why everyone started talking and going on and on about cottagecore. Everyone loved the aesthetic and jumped in on the trend.

Whether you’ve heard of the cottagecore style before or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that it has a distinct appeal that will make you want to adopt it and feel the cottagecore atmosphere in your home.

How to Achieve the Cottagecore style in your home?

1. Opt for Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture

Cottagecore embodies the simple traditional life in the country so expensive and luxurious-looking furniture pieces wouldn’t fit into this style. Look for reclaimed furniture and vintage accessories instead on thrift shops flea markets. Create a natural and effortless look in your living room by sprucing your seating area with patterned or floral throws and throw pillows.

2. It’s all about the botanicals

cottagecore botanicals

It’s not cottagecore without nature. Therefore, let as much of the nature in your home through plants. Houseplants in potted containers, and hanging planters. Choosing the right kind of plants is also important as there are a wide variety of houseplants that’s common indoors.

Palms, for example, won’t give you the cottagecore vibe instead, they will evoke a tropical feel. Cottagecore plants look naturally bushy and messy like ferns, golden pothos, vines, and cottage florals like foxglove, hollyhock, and peonies.

3. Plant florals and herbs

cottagecore garden

Cottagecore from the word “cottage” itself, tells of a scene where there is a cottage surrounded by a naturally grown garden of plants, shrubs, herbs, and florals. If you have extra space in your backyard, you can plant a garden of colorful cottage flowers such as daisies, roses, peonies, foxglove, and hollyhock.

The trick to creating the perfect cottage vibe is to make the garden look as naturally grown as possible. Make the plants look like they naturally sprouted there. There are no strict organized rules when it comes to gardening the cottagecore way.

4. Go for the farmhouse look

cottagecore look

The cottagecore and farmhouse have quite a similar vibe. If you’re already familiar with the farmhouse look or your interior design style is currently farmhouse style, it would be easier to transition to cottagecore. Elements like old reclaimed wood, vintage furniture and décor, and of course, plants and floras are the primary theme you need to remember.

5. Select natural materials

Since it is a nature-driven aesthetic, it should feature items that are made of natural materials. Examples of these are rattan baskets, jute rugs, wooden and wicker furniture. There should be a lot of wooden features to truly embody the rural way of living.

In the countryside, people get their resources directly from the nature that surrounds them. That is why almost all the elements in a cottagecore house are natural and something that you can easily find right in your backyard or garden.

6. Create warmth with color

cottagecore colors

Cottagecore interiors should have this warm and welcoming vibe to them that can make anyone feel at home. Spruce up your interior space with warmth and vibrance through splashes of color on upholstered couches, tapestries, rugs, throws, and throw pillows. Colors such as red, warm orange, yellow, beige, and greens are the colors that are commonly seen in cottagecore color palettes.

7. Keep everything unconventional and natural

Make everything look as natural and effortless as possible. Minimalism’s concentration on negative space and clean lines is not shared by the cottagecore style. Cottagecore accepts a certain amount of mess as a sign of living a vibrant life.

In a cottagecore home, stacks of books, a couple of potted plants on the floor, throws draped on a chair, and baskets of fruit strewn on the kitchen are considered not as clutter but as natural elements that make a house feel and look more like home and truly embody the cottagecore.


Cottagecore, which only started as a trend in social media has now dominated the world of fashion, clothing, lifestyle, home décor, and interior design.

Similar to any other design movement and trends, cottagecore is rapidly evolving and changing at a rapid pace. As it continues to change and shape the lives of the people embracing the style, only history will tell whether this style will remain for the next years to come.

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