How to Contact H&M Home Customer Service

H&M is a Swedish multinational clothing company operating in 74 countries with over 5,000 stores. Unlike other major brands, H&M Home is a part of the broader H&M Group, including H&M, H&M Home, COS, and other stores.

Launched in 2009, H&M Home was announced it would sell home furnishings through the company’s online catalogue. In 2018, the H&M Home brand opened its first standalone store; since expanding across the world.

According to the company, H&M Home specialises in “contemporary décor and home accessories for every style and room”. To date, H&M Home products are available in over 400 select H&M stores and more than 25 concept stores.

Their assorted product ranges from furniture to cushions and rugs to cooking equipment. In addition, H&M Home partners with designers and other celebrities to create temporary product lines.

How to contact H&M Home

With H&M Home, you have access to all H&M customer service facilities. You can, therefore, contact H&M Home in three ways:

1. H&M Home Customer Service – Chatbot

Speak to a 24/7 chatbot to ask the most common questions. If the chatbot is unable to answer your questions, you’ll be put through to a live agent, depending on opening hours.

2. H&M Home Customer Service – Phone

3. H&M Home Customer Service – Social media

H&M runs several non-specific social media accounts for all of its subsidiary brands, including H&M Home. Try contacting them via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Tips for Getting a Fast and Efficient Response

H&M runs an efficient customer service system. However, you can improve the response time with the following tips:

  • Contact at the start of opening hours. Contacting the team during the start of opening hours means the minimum number of people will be getting in touch. You’re more likely to speak to someone sooner, helping to get a fast and efficient response.
  • Be clear. Try to word your problem in a simple manner. Describe the events chronologically, and make it clear what you want.
  • Go public. Lodging a complaint via social media will likely elicit a more rapid response. Companies do not want bad press and will address concerns rapidly. If you struggle to get an answer via other channels, always use social media.

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