Choosing External Doors – A Short Guide

front doors

External doors are like the first impressions that your house makes, so should always be worth it! Along with being good looking, the external doors also go through rough outdoors. The weather, temperature, and moisture can be terrible for the door; hence, it is essential to install the main door that can handle extreme conditions … Read more

7 Interior Design Rules You Should Follow

Adrion Olichon

Interior design is an intrinsic art of curating the space to make it look more aesthetic and functional. However, there are a ton of things to be taken care of and it is easy to get carried away in the complications of design. Here are 7 basic rules that you should follow to make your … Read more

A Practical Interior Design Guide

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Interior designing can be a challenging task if not done methodically. Most people start their projects with great enthusiasm but end up making a complete mess and then get professional help which costs a chunk of money. If you are a beginner and want to design a practical space, this is an ultimate guide that … Read more

Do Plants Really Clean Indoor Air?

Do Plants Clean Indoor Air

Plants have countless science-backed benefits in our daily lives aside from making our homes look vibrant and refreshing. I hate to break it to you but purifying indoor air is not one of them. You have probably heard of its benefits before or read a blog about it in the past. We all know that … Read more

What Is Cottagecore And Why Is It So Popular?


The simplest way to describe the cottagecore style is to think of the countryside. It’s all about elements of nature and the romantic simplicity of living a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature. Cottagecore is basically the exact opposite of the loud, fast-paced hustle-bustle of city life. This trend swept the interior design scene when everyone … Read more

The Complete Guide to Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom fixtures

The bathroom is more than just a place where we do our personal hygiene activities. In fact, it is the only room in our house where we can have our privacy. It is where we go after a long tiring day at work and finally have a cold shower and relax. The quality of your … Read more

Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Care Guide

snake plant

Snake Plant, also known by its original name Sansevieria, is one of the best houseplants you could get. We are not exaggerating. This is one of the best plants for homes and indoor spaces. You might be wondering why this could be. Snake Plants are one of the most tolerant plants out there, if not … Read more