Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Planning to buy a gift for a plant lover? While you can easily buy them a new plant to add to their collection, there are other gift ideas that you can find that they will absolutely adore. Buy them something unique, quirky, and fun.

It will be thoughtful of you to get them something that will help them take care of their plants or even just something that makes them feel that they’re being a plant lover is seen and appreciated.

Check out these plant lover gift ideas and you might just find the perfect gift for your green-thumbed friend.

1. Botanical Artworks

Botanical Artwork

You can find a lot of botanical prints and artworks on shops like Etsy online, or you can create a customized art illustration featuring their very own collection of plants.

Plant lovers treat their plants like pets so it’s most likely that they’ve got names for their plants. Making illustration art with their plants on them is a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation.

2. Ceramic Planters

Ceramic Planters

Buy them ceramic planters for their new plants. Plant lovers will never get tired of having a new plant. They will continue hoarding plants until their place eventually becomes a jungle.

Help them organize by buying planters for their plants. It should be of different shapes and sizes. If they’re more into smaller plants and succulents, opt for smaller ones.

3. Basket Planters

Basket Planters

Basket planters make for good home décor. It also protects the plant and its container. An indoor plant for example in a ceramic container can be placed in a basket planter to protect the container from breaking easily due to certain hazards. Pets may play around the house and break the pots so it’s safer to have them inside a basket planter.

4. Small Succulents

Small Succulents

Give them a succulent plant that is not in their collection yet. It could be something that they’ve been wanting to have or they’re planning to buy. Succulents are much easier to give since they are small and handy.

You can add a ceramic message pop on the potted succulent to make it look aesthetically pleasing and more personalized.

5. Watering globes

They will appreciate something that will help them take care of their plants. Watering globes are glass globes with water that is stuck into the soil of a plant so it will have a continuous supply of water for up to 2 weeks.

That way, the plant won’t need to be watered every day. This is something that a plant lover will surely love.

6. Plant Print T-Shirt

Plant lovers love plant merch. Buy them one of those trendy plant print shirts that you can find on Etsy and Amazon.

Other plant merch you can buy include mugs, throw pillows, socks, tote bags, phone cases, and a lot more. A simple merch with a plant print can make their heart melt.

7. Mini Succulent Fridge Magnet

There are plant fridge magnets that look like real tiny succulents. It is a great kitchen décor that any plant lover will want to have in their kitchen. Aside from being a lovely décor, fridge magnets are functional.

They can use it to stick their notes and reminders on the fridge. Yes, it is just a magnet but plant lovers will prefer this magnet design over any other because they love to have traces in their homes that show that they are certified, plant parents.

8. Garden Tool Set

Garden Tools

A garden toolset is a practical item you can give to a plant lover especially if they have a garden. You don’t need to buy a lot of tools. Pick only the essential items that they would likely use such as digging tools, watering tools, cutting, and planting tools.

9. Glass Plant Mister

A glass plant mister is a great addition to their toolset. When they have a plant mister it will be convenient for them to spray and water their plants on a daily basis. Every indoor gardener needs a plant mister to assist them in taking care of their houseplants.

Whether they are in their home office or in the living room, if they have a handy plant mister, they can spray their little plant friend to keep it hydrated and healthy every day.

10. Plant Vase

Plant vases are much more decorative compared to plant containers and pots. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used primarily for accessorizing in console and coffee tables.

A beautiful plant vase will help plant lovers showcase the beauty of their plant. They will be able to display their plants appropriately with the right vase design, shape, and size. Take note of what existing plants they have so you can assess the right vase to purchase.

11. Mini Terrarium


Mini terrariums come in different sizes. There are those as big as a fishbowl that fits in a console table or smaller enough to be accessorized in an office desk. Terrariums are décor pieces that are a must-have for every plant parent.

When gifting a terrarium, note that the plants in the terrarium are those plants that grow slowly. They should not crowd the container so the terrarium looks pleasant. Plants that are great for terrarium include air plants, ferns, and succulents. 

12. Coffee Table Books about Houseplants

Coffee Table plant Books

Give them something they can read to learn more about plants. Plant parents probably know a lot about plants but they haven’t read all the books out there about plants.

They’d also love to know more about horticulture and gardening so they will appreciate a book that can give them more information about taking care of plants.

13. Wooden plant stand

A wooden plant stand will help plant lovers keep their collections organized. When they have a rack where they can place their plants, it will allow them to free up more floor space for new plants.

Plant racks are also a great addition to their home décor. They can display their plants along with other décor items such as books, frames, and sculptures.

Plants play an important role in our lives. They have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety while also improving our health and well-being. So, thank a plant lover for bringing life and joy into our indoor spaces with a simple yet thoughtful gift.

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