12 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Carving Pumpkin is perhaps the most exciting activity that every kid looks forward to when Halloween comes. Halloween is not complete without creative and spooky jack-o lanterns on your front yard or porch.

Carving pumpkins is also a great way to spend time with the kids and allow them to express their creativity by making them decide what they want to carve in their pumpkin.

Other than the famous spooky monster pumpkin, you are absolutely free to carve whatever it is you want on your pumpkin. May it be a famous meme, a funny picture, or just about anything that your kids will love. Here are 12 creative pumpkin ideas for you to get started.

1. Cartoon Character

Every kid has their favorite cartoon character. Although doing this can be a little challenging to do as some characters might be a bit difficult to draw, it is something that your kid will appreciate.

Let the kids help in the process. Remind them that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The most important thing is they enjoyed carving it.

2. Emoji Pumpkin

pumpkin carving ideas

Planning of having several pumpkins to spruce up the spooky vibe in your front yard, do the emoji pumpkin. Emoji pumpkins are funnier than scary but they will nonetheless make your Halloween décor unique from the rest.

3. Cat/Dog Pumpkin

pumpkin dog

Do you have pets in the house? Carve their faces on the pumpkins. Since pets are a part of the family, what other great way to include them in the occasion than having their faces on the pumpkins right? Carve a simple cat face with eyes, a nose, whiskers, and mouth.

Cut a small part of the pumpkin into small triangular shapes for the ears. Do the same for a dog face and voila! Your pet pumpkins are ready!

4. Polka Dot Pumpkin

Polka dot pumpkins are easier to carve since you only have to drill holes on the pumpkin and put a lamp inside to make it glow. This makes for a good décor especially if you’re into creating a much more aesthetic appeal rather than a spooky one.

Drill holes to form a pattern such as flowers, or a mixture of big and small dots to make it look interesting.

5. Pumpkin Stars

Are your kid’s space lovers? Then the pumpkin stars are for them. Stars are easy to carve so they won’t have difficulty in doing the carving. Make sure to guide them first on how to do it.

To make the pumpkin more appealing, they can carve planets, spaceships, and rockets. The starts should be big enough so the shape is clear to see even from afar.

6. Disney Character

disney pumpkin

There are a lot of simple Disney characters your kids can carve. Characters like Olaf from Frozen, Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc, and Nemo.

They can also do Mickey Mouse or if your kid is into Disney princesses, let them explore and carve their favorite characters as they like. The sky’s the limit with Disney characters so give them the freedom to choose and they’ll surely enjoy making it regardless of how challenging it is to carve the character.

7. Pumpkin House

A pumpkin house is one of the most creative and fun to carve Halloween pumpkins. You should pick a huge pumpkin in order to conveniently carve the house.

Carve as many windows as you can and let your kid decorate the house by putting miniature plants, animals, and other toys to make it look interesting. They can carve a spooky house with a little chimney on top or a hobbit house with circular doors and windows.

8. Ghost Pumpkin

ghost pumpkin

Ghost pumpkins are basically just three circles carved to form two eyes and a mouth in a scary form. It’s a good pumpkin carving idea for beginners because it is pretty easy to make.

You can choose a smiling ghost or a scary ghost just modify the shape of the mouth and add fangs or scary teeth for a spooky appeal.

9.   Spider-Man Eyes

Spider-Man movies are so popular these days. If your kids are avid Marvel fans, they will absolutely love a carved Marvel character on a pumpkin.

It’s easy to carve Spider-Man on a Pumpkin. All you have to do is to draw the shape of his eyes and carve it. Next, draw the spider web pattern around the eyes. Put a lamp inside and you now have a glowing spider-man eye jack-o lantern.

10. Harry Potter Pumpkin

The magical realm of Harry Potter has captured the imaginations of many including kids and adults. The distinct costumes and character visualization of Harry Potter are its trademarks.

Create a Harry Potter pumpkin b carving one of the characters’ faces, the Hogwarts logo, and harry’s eyeglasses. Put a scarf around your pumpkin, add a little broom and you’re Harry Potter pumpkin is ready!

11. Puking Pumpkin

The puking pumpkin is perhaps the funniest pumpkin carving idea out there. I’m sure you are familiar with the puking emoji. To carve the pumpkin, simply draw the puking emoji face on the pumpkin and carve it.

If you want to literally make the pumpkin throw up, there’s a science behind it. Look for a tutorial on YouTube on how to do it. But if you don’t want to make a lot of mess and simply have a sitting puking pumpkin on display, use the carved pumpkins as the puke by placing it on the mouth of the pumpkin.

Kids are excited when Halloween comes not just because they get to do trick or treat but because they also get some time to bond with their parents and friends. Make Halloween extra fun and creative by carving these amazing pumpkin ideas. Also, make it a fun and memorable experience for your kids. Use this time to spend time with them, teach them how to be creative, and have fun in the process of carving.

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